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As your property management company, we are in partnership with your community. Although we work closely with your board of directors, our goal is to help your entire neighborhood thrive. We find that on top of our amazing team, we leverage our tools and resources better than many. We consistently seek out improvements to provide your community with the ability to operate at its best, allowing each resident the freedom to start living. 

We are committed to providing homeowners with the tools necessary to seamlessly and effectively manage their associations. Our online portals, education courses, dedicated team members and innovative culture gives each association we work with the resources needed to be effective in their community. Feel free to look around the Resource Center for helpful videos, or ways to contact us if you have questions or concerns not addressed on the website.

What Is Our Role As A Property Management Company?


The role of a property management company is often misunderstood. Our position in your community can be confusing for homeowners for a number of reasons. Here is what a community management company, like HALO, can do for you:

Your association is governed by a set of documents known as Covenants and Bylaws. These documents create standards for residents; however, your community also has a Board of Directors. This Board consists of volunteer homeowners, just like you, and are elected by the community to represent the homeowners in your community.

The number one misunderstanding of most homeowners is WHO makes the decisions for their community. The Board of Directors makes the decisions for your community, not HALO Community Management.

We are simply an extensive resource that can give educated suggestions and best practices as well as tools for your Board to ensure a long and successful life for your community.

To fully understand what we do, along with the responsibilities your board is obligated to fulfill, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions which you can access here.

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