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If someone asked how many rental homes were in your community would you be able to answer? Do you know how many are vacant secondary homes? How about how many have someone other than the registered owner living in them such as a child or older parent? Most of the time these questions are not asked and therefore not answered. The question you may be asking now is does any of this matter? 


Often times, the management company or board members do not have the most up-to-date information on who is in each house without some kind of lease administration policy. This becomes important in cases of emergency, association rule violations, or notification of special events and meetings.

HALO is proud to offer some H.E.L.P., HALO's Efficient Leasing Program. This program is free at the association level and only affects those who currently lease their property. This program will provide your community with:​

  • assistance establishing your leasing policy

  • administration and monitoring of the leasing activity within the community

  • an accurate picture of the number of rentals in your association

  • regular reports on leasing status

Maintaining control of the leasing activity within a community is a crucial component of protecting and enhancing property values. An overabundance of leasing not only damages the value of your community but diminishes the effectiveness of an Association as well.

For more information on how H.E.L.P. works for your association, contact us.

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