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Is Vastu Balancing Effective ?

Yes, Vastu balancing is very effective and helpful for leading a perfect life. What is Vastu actually? Vastu means "the place where you live" and living in that environment, due to Vastu your thinking, actions everything is decided. And Vastu balancing means that we are balancing the Panch Tatva not at our home only but we are programming our subconscious mind as well. -Vastu Consultant, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mumbai (Maharashtra), Chattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab

Are there any side effects and disadvantages of Vastu Balancing?

We have to understand one thing here that if we are living in nature and behaving as per nature requires, our life is healthy and wealthy. No there are no side effects of Vastu Balancing till the time an experienced and well qualified Vastu Shastra Expert is working on your problems. Mr. Rohit Guptaa is well known for Astro, Numero Vastu solution giver.

Now a days, no one is taking care of Vastu Principles while building up their home/office etc and that becomes one of the major the reasons of their failures.

We already build up our home, is it still possible that we can remove Vastu Dosh from our home/office/factory?

Yes, it is 100% possible that we can go for vastu balancing without any demolition. The remedies are inexpensive and very effective and the results you can feel in few days itself. You are welcome to contact at our chandigarh vastu office for more details.

Is Vastu Shastra / Vastu a science or Myth?

See, Vastu Consultant Mr Rohit Guptaa always say that "Till the time you don't know the Vastu, you will not believe it, so it is very important to learn it" And that is the reason that Mr. Rohit Guptaa is teaching Vastu for Free of Cost. Vastu is not a myth, its based on Nature elements only i.e. Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. Everything, even our body is made up of these 5 elements. A very simple quote science says "While sleeping your head should either be in south or east" and Vastu is saying from thousands of years the same thing. Now you can judge yourself is Vastu a myth or Science.

My child is not studying well. Can we handle children education with Vastu?

Yes, 100% we can handle it while following Vastu Principles. Your kid not only will concentrate on his/her education but also will take an excellent position in the class. Make his bed room in West and put this study table in West of South West. And in couple of days you can see the results.
But to mark these 16 locations as per your home is important and for this you should consult with Vastu Consultant. You are weclome to consult us.

Is Vastu have the power to bring back the happiness and love in my married life?

Yes, it is 100% possible. For this we either have to visit your home or we need a detailed autocad made floor map of your home. And we have to sit and discuss the problems in detail and accordingly we can help you. But this is sure that it is very effective and it will save your marriage life.