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Community Management Services

Your association's board of directors is a diverse group of volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. You may be fortunate to have some board members who have an understanding of the legal, financial, and human resource areas of managing an association. There is also a chance that there are some gaps in expertise.

HALO is here to partner with your board to help supplement any areas you need.

Most boards struggle with some aspect in each one of the following areas just due to a lack of knowledge or time to be able to dedicate to truly hone the area of expertise.

HALO Realty provides full-service management, consulting, and accounting services to associations ranging from small commercial offices to large subdivisions with amenities and diverse challenges. We measure our success against our commitment of "Improving the lives of those who live in our communities."


It is important for the board to understand financial reports, building reserve funds for future projects, and to plan for the futures with today's assessments.


It is imperative that the board of directors can understand the by-laws and restrictive covenants to stay compliant in how the association should operate.


The day to day operations of addressing homeowner concerns, keeping members informed, and enforcing the association's rules is a full-time responsibility.

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